How Does SmilePerfected™ Compare to Other Teeth Whitening?

A dazzling smile, beautiful eyes, and a great wit are things most people yearn to have. A beautiful white smile gives one confidence and represents health and happiness.

Yellow teeth take away your confidence. They are a sign of aging and lazy dental health. One way to get rid of the yellowing or stained teeth is by getting a teeth whitening at kksmiles.


What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that helps brighten teeth. It will not make them brilliant white but lighten the existing color. You can either whiten your teeth using over-the-counter products or get professional whitening at the dentist’s office.


Popular Teeth Whitening Methods

Some of the popular teeth whitening methods include:


At-home Trays

You can get these custom trays from the dentist’s office and use them at home. The dentist will make the trays to fit your mouth. You will also get a whitening gel with a higher concentration than those you get over-the-counter. Be careful not to leave the trays in for longer than your dentist recommends.


Over-the-counter Whitening Kits

These are available from major drugstores and retailers. They have less concentration of the active bleaching ingredient than the kits dentists use. Their concentration of peroxide is between three and 20 percent.


Professional In-office Whitening

There are a few types of in-office whitening treatments:


  • High concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel.

  • A combination of high-intensity light and hydrogen peroxide.

Professional in-office whitening has the best results. It is safe and takes a short time. One of these treatments is SmilePerfected™.



SmilePerfected teeth whitening is a 20-minute procedure that is becoming popular. It involves a dentist and his/her dental team ensuring that you get the best results. The dentist will begin with cleaning and polishing your teeth. It removes the pellicle layer and makes it easier to remove stains. It also brightens your enamel. You can schedule the procedure at the end of your regular teeth cleaning.

There are several other benefits of SmilePerfected over other whitening procedures. They include:


Less Sensitivity

Once your teeth are clean, the dentist will apply vitamin E oil to your gums and lips. It protects them from the chemicals. It also uses LED light to speed up the whitening process. As a result, your teeth have less exposure to peroxide. Hence, they experience less sensitivity.


The Right Balance

All whitening methods use the same ingredients. They mix hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide but in various ratios. When the mix has a high concentration, it will harm your teeth, although it whitens them fast. Low concentrations are ineffective. However, SmilePerfected has the right balance.


No Dry Lips

Vitamin E moisturizes your lips and skin. The kit also includes an exclusive spearmint lip balm that protects your lips. SmilePerfected is healthy, safe, and feels like a spa treatment, unlike other methods.

For more information on SmilePerfected, visit kksmiles at our office in Marietta, Georgia. You can call (770) 830-3700 to book an appointment today.