Convenience of Smile Perfected Teeth Whitening

The Smile Perfected technique is a hybrid teeth-whitening procedure. The prophy plus whitening system involves two steps: a manual cleaning of the teeth by a dentist and then the Smile Perfected technology finishes off the cleaning.

Without the manual cleaning, a protein film that forms on top of the enamel called the pellicle layer would remain intact which could interfere with the effectiveness of the entire procedure. Together the two procedures ensure stain removal, brightening, and whitening of the teeth.

Many dentists are adopting this technology because of the satisfactory results it gives as well as the advantages of the techniques.


For Customers

No Pain and Sensitivity

During the Smile Perfected procedure, the dentist will insert a whitening tray in the patient’s mouth and shine an LED light inside. The tray normally contains a tasty gel that ensures that the patient does not experience any sensitivity during and after the procedure. The jelly-like tray also fits well into the mouth allowing the patient’s jaw to remain relaxed during the entire procedure.

Quick Results in Just 20 Minutes

One of the most amazing things about the Smile Perfected technology is that it is not a lengthy procedure and gives results in just 20 minutes. Another awesome fact about Smile Perfected is that it is noninvasive and a person can also have the procedure done more than one time to achieve the desired result.


People are also lining up for Smile Perfected because it is affordable. While most dental whitening procedures are expensive, Smile Perfected is cost-effective, meaning it produces excellent results without denting the pocket.


The Smile Perfected kit comes with an Aloe Vera Lip balm and a whitening pen that the patient can take home with him or her. The balm helps in keeping the lips healthy while the pen, which is also accompanied by a whitening tray, can be used for touch-ups at home.


For Dentists

Prep Time Is One Minute

Several dentists have applauded the Smile Perfected technology for its simplicity in terms of the time it takes to set up. It takes a minute or less to prepare for the procedure. Once the manual cleaning is complete, the dentist only needs to apply some vitamin E oil on the patient’s lips, then insert the pre-filled whitening tray into the patient’s mouth and focus the LED light.


Income Generator

The level of customer satisfaction with this technology is high. Many people have recommended the procedure to their friends, colleagues, and family members. The fact that the procedure is pain-free and not expensive, means it attracts many people, and dentists can recommend the procedure confidently knowing that people can afford it.


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